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About Us

Founded in December 2005, with the objective of being a "bridge" between small and medium enterprises and the Internet, we signed the commitment to turn traditional companies into 100% online companies to become more competitive in the face of the changes that were announced since then.

Today, almost 15 years later, we have the necessary experience to bring the best technology and digital marketing solutions to your company, so that your business has the best results.

The focus of our work is on high performance tools developed, so that the user has a different experience when browsing sites and applications developed by our team.

Our differential is in the uncomplicated and personalized service, because each client is unique and special to us.

We believe that the Internet changes every day people's lives and the way companies do business, so our mission is: "Generate value for our customers by promoting their integration with the digital environment".


Neo has come to enter the market with the most advanced development technologies.

Our focus is on the performance of our work, with a qualified team dedicated to serving you and your company.

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Our team

Meet below the people responsible for everything that happens here.

Gabriel Semeunka

CEO / Development Manager

Cíntia Pioner

Administrative / Financial

Miguel Gehring


João Pedro Barth


Alisson Birck


Henrique Cunha



See what our customers have to say about Neo!

Ana Paula Martins

"Great professionals and excellent service.
Recommend!" (translated from portuguese)

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Francisco Vieira de Bem

"Updated and appropriate solutions for each situation, plus commitment and excellent service!" (translated from portuguese)

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Christian Paim

"All compliments from the service to the completion of the service. I've always been fully assisted." (translated from portuguese)

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Rafael de Ávila

"Modern solutions, agility and competence to go! Neo is a serious company that respects its partners!" (translated from portuguese)

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Luciana Coutinho

"Attentive professionals, agile service and high quality.
Recommend!" (translated from portuguese)

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